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Well, I haven’t spoken with Chuck Spears in a minute. I know he recently found a new job, has been working at his comic book art and rekindling his love for spittin’ rhymes. I have not been around here for I have been working hard at building a platform and home base for my book.

Maybe this means that it’s time for this blog needs to go on hiatus – for a while. It’s not a sad thing, because in the process of the both of us contributing here, we have been able to discover or reconnect with our passions. Chuck has always been an artist kind of guy, so I’m happy he’s gotten back in that groove. Me? Well, I’ve already told you about my current venture.

This blog has been important to the both of us throughout the past twelve months. Its been a place to vent and voice our opinions and frustrations on the bullshit that life throws our way. It also gave us an avenue to exercise our minds creatively. I know Chuck has been messing with the blogging world longer than I have, but managing this blog has given me good practice for running the blogsite for my book. Writing on here was also good for knocking the rust off;  I had not touched my book’s manuscript for over a year before Chuck and I founded this blog. When the spark came back to me to pick up working the book again, I was already in some sort of writing shape… kind of.

The biggest thing for me though is that I finally know that I have an answer, a solution to “stop being played”.  This blog was born from me and Chuck’s frustrations with our lives being stuck in a standstill, wondering if things would ever get better due to the career paths we pursued.

Let’s just say over the course of the year, I’ve undergone an attitude adjustment.

“If it is to be, it starts with me.”

While I was attending Morgan State, the chair of the Communication Studies department had us recite that line in one of my classes. I used to think that was corny motivational ploy he was using, but ultimately he’s right. If you feel life is playing you, do something about it. Take some time to analyze yourself and your current life standing. Be honest about your strengths, your weaknesses, and your habits, both good and bad. Understand what truly motivates you, what you are passionate about. Begin to build on that, brick by brick, step by step, regardless if you are single, married or have kids. There are many books and classes that can teach you how to turn your passions into business ventures. But most importantly, before you learn how, you need to first look at yourself. Robert Kiyosaki teaches you how to change your view of money. Dave Ramsey teaches you how to look yourself in the mirror and hold yourself accountable for your actions and your budget. Tim Ferriss implores you to conquer your fears one step at a time as well as how to view time and productivity differently. Susan Orman illustrates how your first childhood interaction with money helps to shape how you view money as an adult. Ramit Sethi, among other things,  specializes in how to position yourself in the best light for various negotiation situations. All of the above named understand that your mind’s thought processes must be changes first before you get to the how.

So then… Off I go to continue on my “how”. I refuse to be played anymore – I will learn to turn the tables in my favor.


UPDATE: Chuck hit me via text and agrees that a hiatus likely is in order, but has asked me to periodically post on my progress with the book. I will do that, but in the meantime, if you want to check in on our progress, by all means: – The video blog for my upcoming book

UngowaSoulPower – Chuck Spears’ blog for his comic book work and rhymin’

Thank you for following our blog for over the past year. We appreciate all the comments, Facebook Likes and page hits!

(even if half of those hits came from me and Chuck, lol)


Whomever said that writing a book is the easiest part wasn’t kidding.

Wait… I didn’t tell you I was writing a book?  You sure I never mentioned it?  Maybe in passing?

Okay: I’m writing a book – a guide for fellow top-heavy lovers like myself (I find “top-heavy” to be a bit more tasteful than “big boobs”, “big breasts” or “big-ass titties”).  The title of the book will be Boobie-Trapped; right now, the subtitle reads One Man’s Guide to a Top-Heavy Love Affair.  I say “right now” because recently I spoke with a web-savvy author whom believes in search-engine optimization.  He feels the way people use Google and such to look things up, it would benefit me to have an SEO-friendly subtitle versus something that’s clever.  Once I decided on an editor, I’ll play with the subtitle some more.

So back to the book: the best way I can word the book;s purpose is to quote myself from a donation page I just created (more on that in a bit):

I am a man who has many interests.  Among the top of these interests are helping others, defeating ignorance and top-heavy women.  I am combining all three elements in a book tentatively titled Boobie Trapped. The book will serve as a guide that will speak to, and educate, my fellow top-heavy lovers on how to not just better appreciate a woman of such physique, but to look beyond the breasts and consider the woman as a whole.”

I recently spoke with an editor at, a site dedicated to African-American books and authors.  She believes I will need to self-publish (as I plan to) and to amass around $5,000 to kick things in gear, especially for marketing efforts.  Coincidentally, the group facilitator for my monthly business meetings stated he has spent $5,000 on his new book as well.  I had not planned on using (or needing) that much money, but it sure would make for a nice launch pad.

Of course, there’s the question of how on Earth am I going to raise that much gwop.  I budgeted carefully to put aside the bit of money I have now – even with a higher paying job, I would be pressed to save that much in one year.  I’ve started looking up writer’s grants online and in reference books at the library, but as of now it feels like I’m looking for the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack.  So today I venture onto Facebook and after wasting over an hour playing Marvel Avengers Alliance peeped that my longtime friend Stacey has created a donation page on this site called  Even better, she’s already raised almost $700 in about three weeks’ time.  Since one of the 23 Billionaire Principles states: “Copying is Better Than Innovating”, I went on ahead and copied her by creating my own donation page.

So check out the page, and feel free to pitch in a few pennies.  Even the smallest amounts help.  Thanks.

My next post regarding this project will discuss my process of finding an editor.  I’ll keep ya posted; in the meantime, its off to watch the Knicks stave off playoff elimination at the hands of the eeeeeviiiiiilllll Miami Heat…