Internet Vanity is a Helluva Drug

Posted: August 28, 2012 by sirdiggy in Uncategorized

OK, so I know the last post said that we’re effectively in hiatus. And Chuck did ask me to post updates on my book’s progress from time to time.  You can click here for that, but that’s not why I’m writing today.

Some of you may have read my previous post about being an Internet shrink. In the last full paragraph, I penned the following ponder:

…I’m starting to wonder if women are using the Net more these days to escape and discuss things that they don’t feel comfortable discussing with anyone they know in the flesh. Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy to help and talk.  It just seems that getting to know someone for the purpose of meeting up in person has gone by the wayside, unless you specifically use a dating site.”

I ponder no longer: this shit is true now.

Here’s a Facebook convo I just had with a former radio colleague I worked with back in 2006:

Me: oh by the way.. you were right about how people use the Net in lieu of wanting to talk and socialize in person
it used to be there were those who, like me, use the Net for prospect for people to meet in person
now, it just seems like people (women) just use it for attention, to hype up they own life.

Friend: yup
and they are attracted to any bs they can catch

Me: yeah
i’m getting tired of it

Friend: its a nessecary evil for what we do (note: he works in comedy club promotions, thus this sentiment)

Me: the virtual last straw was this woman (who i met in person back in ’03) from Dallas – someone i called a friend. She tells me she’s in town here in NY to watch the US Open w/her aunt. So I say “great, let’s get up for some drinks” (pure platonic – she’s engaged). She gives me some lame excuse about how her aunt don’t like strangers.
Hello!?!?! You’re visiting MY town and you’re talking about strangers??? and you’re 43 yrs old! wtf?!

Friend: lol

The US Open chick was the last straw. I feel like for such women, I’m only cool if we’re talking online, maybe on the phone. But as far as us chill in person? Oh no no no, I have to stay in our safe little

Fuck your Internet lane.


When the fuck did we become so self-serving, so self-hyping, so self-centered, or just plain selfish? Sure, most of us are programmed to show our best sides of ourselves in the public view, but there’s a reason there’s been studies about Facebook causing not-so-joy-joy feelings. And don’t even get me started on fucking Twitter, one of the Internet’s great tools of mindless narcissism. This blog has an account on there, as do I under my pen name. It’s just for business and promotion; I cannot understand how some people can stay on twitter all… fucking… day. I feel like I lose an IQ point for every hour I spend on there. Just the notion that you’re looking for “followers” mean you just want to build your popularity to feel good about yourself: you are not looking to have any real conversation. You’re cute, mama, but you’re not that fucking important. Seriously.


So it’s clear that I need new socialization methods, because my bread-and-butter has turned toast. This will not be easy; the reason most people used to turn to online chat was because they were nerdy introverts (like me, lol) that found a comfortable way to socialize when other “normal” methods alluded them or failed.

“Shit changes and evolve,” you say. “You gotta roll with the tide.”

Fuck that. I don’t like how the tide has turned. I guess I’ll go be salty for a minute then figure out a new plan.


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