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Posted: May 10, 2012 by sirdiggy in social issues, WTF
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Wanted to share a Facebook debate I had yesterday on a friend’s comment thread.

He… let’s call him “Billy Wayne” was apparently disappointed that voters in North Carolina approved a same-sex marriage ban.  I wasn’t going to get involved in the thread, but one poster whom we will refer to as “Kory” offered his two-cents:

Kory: Hmmmm….. the People as a Group, many People spoke as One. Isn’t that what our country was built on, “We The People”? But since you don’t agree with the cumulative vote of the People…they are wrong. We as the People, have to believe in what the majority wants not what one wants. That’s the only way. When it doesn’t work…”WE THE PEOPLE” will see that and have the voice to change it. There are things I don’t agree with. Can’t do a Dad Gum thing about it…for 4 years. But then, I get a chance to get up, speak louder and have a chance to move “FORWARD” and “CHANGE” what I don’t like. It’s actually pretty cool, we get to do that. GO USA!!!”

I thought this dude was sipping the “We the People” Kool-Aid a little too hard.  So I offered the following rebuttal:

ME: hey… “People as a Group” once though slavery and segregation was OK too once upon a time… I’m just saying.”

I wasn’t agreeing with Billy’s disappointment, but more-so questioning that believing what the majority wants is the “only” way, and that “People” always know what is best.  I also included this clip from the first Men In Black movie to colorize my opinion.

Kory responds:

Kory: …In my post… people will see the wrong and “We the People” will Change it. And [me]…you can THANK …”We the People” for changing. Besides [me]….what do you know about slavery? Were you a Slave? No… All you know is that every time something doesn’t fit…you’ve been taught to bring up slavery and the color card. Slavery was abolished 147 years ago. Your Parents and probably your Grandparents never experienced slavery. And then to equate or quantify your statement w/ a movie…some fictitious event. C’mon Bro. It the “We the People” experiment that has worked for 236 yrs. this July. Why change it? It’s proven…it just works.”

Wait… I know this muthaf… he didn’t just say what I saw him say.  “…Been taught to bring up slavery and the color card”???  This dude obviously does not know me very well to speak such insults. I had to take a step back and a deep breath.  After gathering the thoughts and energies for my intellectual Hadoken, I let loose on dude:

ME:  Mr. Kory… please don’t go there with me w/the “were you a slave et al” commentary; I’m going to ask you nicely – once. That comment wreaks of ignorance and disrespect, and you don’t know *what* I know, what I’ve seen, what I’ve studied or any of my family roots to even begin to claim of what I was taught.

You want to know who I thank for change? I thank Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I thank Malcolm X, I thank Mr. Jack Roosevelt Robinson (whom believed in patriotism despite facing ENORMOUS racism in his life and career), I thank Muhammed Ali, I thank Rosa Parks… and that’s just the start of it.

Slavery was abolished 147 years ago, but the Civil Rights Act is only 48 years old – you fail to mention that or about the Jim Crow Laws that existed from 1876 to 1965 – my parents and grandparents were certainly alive during that period and have shared many a story.

As for your comment for citing a “fictitious event”: I cited a quote from a movie that colorfully supports an argument I’ve made about right vs. “rights”. I believe in “The People”… but to blindly support any consensus, popular opinion is no better than trying to ‘follow the crowd’.”

Whew… I had to go in on dude.

His response:

Kory: Love the sentence structure Mr. [me]… very very nice and very good points all. Believe it or not…I agree w/ about everything you say and don’t disagree w/ any. How’s that. Question..though all the people you named happen to be of color….your not thankful for one white person that helped make the difference? I get sick and fricken tired of everytime I hear well slavery, slavery that. It’s not an equal playing field. Guess what Mr. [me], there has been for quite sometime an equal playing for those who have wanted it. Sounds to me in most parts you are a Man that went out and got what he wanted. It was there to be attained. It’s all about the want. For most who bring up Slavery and an equal playing field…. they really don’t want an equal playing do they? NO they don’t..
… because if they had an equal playing field in their minds…there would no appropriations and entitlements. What a shame that would be. They’d have to work. Just as you and I have. We turned out Ok…didn’t we? Everything we’ve worked for we’ve attained. When we became lax’d or lazy it passed us by. We are not owed, we are not entitled to anything. Being in this country the land of the free give us rights and one of them is to go out and get whatever you are willing to work for and it’s yours.”

Peep how he switched his whole tone up along with his rhetoric.  He tried to make a set of assumptions on me, but I showed him I have a brain and I know a lil something about history.  So now he’s using a far more complementary tone – yet he’s still making assumptions.

This next response never made it because the thread, for some reason, was deleted while I was typing.  But this is what I was in the midst of typing:

ME: I appreciate the respectful tone, sir.

Yes, the pioneers I listed were indeed African American. And something told me you were going to ask that question, but the truth for me is these people are the first people that come to *my* mind when I think of whom helped make it possible for me to work in a more-level playing field. I say “more-level” because even in today’s society there are certain areas where the playing field is not completely level.

Ultimately, I agree with you that one should aim to go out and get whatever it is he/she wants in life and work for it. However, to be able to *effectively* do so takes knowledge and motivation. You may not believe this, but I *know* there are glass ceilings in place to control or limit access to certain areas or knowledge, and “systems” in place to discourage people from believing they can elevate themselves mentally and economically. And let me also tell you Mr. Kory that racism, like many other things, has evolved and it is alive. Again, we’re only 48 years removed from the Civil Rights Act – some old “habits” die hard.

Again, it is ultimately up to the individual to elevate themselves. But many are lead to believe that they cannot, and were never taught how to properly overcome barriers and injustices.”


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