Pain & Agony vs. Fat & Happy 6

Posted: April 30, 2012 by sirdiggy in fitness & exercise, health
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It’s been a minute since I talked about my progress with my weight loss.  The short answer is that I’ve had other shit on my periphery.  The longer answer is that I was stuck around 230 lbs for a minute, and I had gone awhile in between weighing myself.

So Friday, after a makeup gym session (I didn’t go on my normal Thursday cause I was feeling “off”), I weighed myself when I got home.

The scale read 222.2 lbs… Yea-yeahhh! [Small fist pump]

Being within the 220-225 range is definitely progress.  It brings me closer to my next landmark of 220lbs even.  But back to the part where I was stuck on 230: it seemed maybe my body had gotten accustomed to my routine.  Even the weekly newsletter my gym emails me suggested doing something a little different if the needle stops trending down.

Since spring arrived, I find myself enjoying walking outdoors a bit more.  One Sunday after work, I walked down this hill to catch the bus home.  But it was so nice out, and I wasn’t in any rush to get home.  So I walked it – according to Google maps, it’s 2.4 miles from the job to home.  Forty-five minutes and a sweat-soaked shirt later, I made it home.

I have to say, it’s an honest and refreshing walk.  Thankfully, my job doesn’t provide any real stresses that need to be dumped before I set foot in my home.  But the walk is scenic and nature-ly.  In fact, here’s some pictures I’ve taken of what I see as I now make the walk once a week:


I caught some nice shots of the Hudson River, including the sun’s reflection in the water. Deer populates the wooded area near my job and tend to grill me as I walk past as to say, “Should we rush him if he tries to come over here?”. And last is a fallen bus stop sign.

***UPDATE***  I “swole” up to 228lbs – maybe it was the ice cream + M&M’s I treated myself to while I mourned the temporary unavailability of my laptop due to a recently deceased ac adapter.  Oh, and I missed gym yesterday (though I did walk the 2.4 miles from work to home), so I made it up today.  Walking is good, but I have to keep working the muscles if I truly want to keep up my svelte figure, lol.


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