Return from M.I.A: Caught in a “Boobie Trap”

Posted: April 25, 2012 by sirdiggy in career news, job, life, social issues, Women
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Apologies yet again for the near two-week absence.  Chuck’s been working on some comic book design stuff; you can check his material out here.  As for me, my energies have been pointed in other directions lately.

“This sounds like another excuse, Diggy.”

It is, but just roll with me on this.  It’s hard to write coherently when your mind is other places.  So at least let me share where some of those places are or have been.

Some of you reading this may know that I’ve self-published a book back in 2008.  Some of you also know that I am very much into voluptuous (read: top-heavy) women.  Thus, I wrote a book about my passion – reaching out to other similarly passionate men to help them appreciate such a woman better.  It was a “shits ‘n’ giggles” thing – dipped heavily in guy-humor to reach out to the unsophisticated man.  It was a great experience, but in terms of being able to spread the word effectively, I saw four major problems:

  1. The book was only 27 pages.  Any avid reader could flip through the whole book while in a store without buying it.
  2. I self-edited the book.  As I learned later, it’s very difficult to edit your own words.
  3. I may have laid the man-talk on a little too thick.
  4. A title such as “The Guide for Big Breast Luvas (pronounced ‘luv-ahs'” may be a bit too direct.

So a year later, I began a rewrite of the book.  I knew that in order to give this thing a real shot, I’d have to be more coherent, with research to back up my opinions and thoughts.  the book would need more than 27 pages, which meant it would definitely need a lot more material.  So I spent most of my time during the summer of 2009 working on the book… along with finding a job.  In September I found work, but a funny thing happened: my interest in the rewrite waned.  I was stuck in a career and life crossroads, trying to assimilate back into a “normal” job field after spending more than a decade pursuing a career in radio and TV.

Fast forward two years and another breakup later: I end up reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in August and September.  And wah-lah… I feel not the need to assimilate any longer, which feels even better given than me and the word “assimilate” have always been like oil and water.  Later in September, I meet this dude at a after-hours social who has his own publishing company.  I sent him a couple of my drafted chapters, and at the end of the month we sat down for two hours to talk about how I can improve things.  These two events re-sparked my desire to do the rewrite.  And this time, I had not only a direction, but an inner voice that started to speak something about “true independence”.

As of today, I have all but drafted the entire book.  I’m currently researching editing companies and services because I want my manuscript to be me, but in the best light possible.  The book has become a driving force, because I know there’s an audience for it.  I know the book will educate people on things that are overlooked, as well as things that are not common knowledge yet not hard to understand either (sort of like the radio business).

I know I cannot do this alone – not if it is to be done right.  I need the right people around me to help, people whose strengths are my weaknesses.  I’ll need funding too, but I’m not overly concerned to the point I’d let it stop me.  I truly understand now there is more than one way to skin a cat, and money is not the end all of life… I even say that last line now with more confidence and a new base of knowledge than before, when I would simply duck money because I truly thought it was evil. 

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  I know I’ve only truly begun the process, but I look forward to solving for “x”.

And by the way, the new title of the rewrite will (tentatively) be Boobie Trapped: One Man’s Guide to a Top-Heavy Love Affair.


Not related: I hate having a crush.  More on than in another post… maybe.


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