NY ~~~> CHI; Days Three to Five

Posted: April 7, 2012 by sirdiggy in Entertainment, food, games, life, Travel
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I condensed the last three days of my trip into one post because, well, I’m lazy.  It’ll work though… trust me:

Easter Sunday, April 8th: My friend’s daughter had a play date scheduled for noon – seriously, who the hell dumps their kid off on Easter??  Nevertheless, we spent the day at her house.  She cooked dinner, and later we watched movies while her son played on the computer and her daughter entertained her friend.  And let me say that I was thoroughly amused by the daughter’s analysis of why she’s lazy and doesn’t believe she should work for money.  I remember when my youngest sister had similar disillusions about money; she’s just now getting over such thoughts, and she’s 18.

Monday, April 9th: I scored some discount tix to some rides and attractions at Navy Pier off of LivingSocial.com.  My friend had never been miniature golfing (perish the thought!), so I had to take her.

My friend looking out the subway car window as we pass Addison/Wrigley Field

Bubba Gump seafood restaurant

Entrance to Navy Pier

Southern view from the Pier

We ate here...

After lunch, we ventured inside the mall/exhibit area and found a “museum” of stained glass:

I like the pic a lot. My friend as a silhouette against the glass as the outside light comes in.

Next stop: upstairs to hit the mini-links:

Me getting my putt-putt on.

My turn again - I was rusty.

Freakin' beginner's luck - she had not one, but TWO hole-in-ones. Oh, she beat me.

Time for the ferris-wheel.  I took some pics through the plexiglass…

They had a Build-A-Bear Workshop there too…

She's looking for a new stuffed friend.

After she “birthed” the bear, she took him home and dressed him.

ta-dah... Chef Winny.

Back to the Pier: final stop was the indoor garden:

Her outfit blends perfectly with the scenery, like a more attractive, far less scary Poison Ivy... lol.

From the Pier, we walked 40 minutes to Harold’s Chicken Shack – one of the two food spots my other friend D told me I “must” visit.

Tuesday, April 10th: It’s time to say goodbye (aww) and head back home to the Big Apple.  But not before having a late breakfast: eggs, country fried steak and hash browns for me; Belgium bacon waffles for her.  Healthy portions too – so healthy that I stated, “I don’t know if I can finish all of this”.  Well, somebody interpreted that statement to mean, “he’s not going to eat all of that”: my dear friend reached over and stole swiped commandeered my damn pancakes.  I’m over it now… promise.

As you can see, I definitely enjoyed myself.  And as I posted on my Facebook update a few days ago, I’mma need to run it back in the not-too-distant future.  Sorry it took so long for the post… escaping out of Chicago 15-pounds heavier due to forest cake and cheesecake wasn’t easy.


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