You want a breakdown of my day?  Of course you do.  I even wrote a story ’bout it. Like to hear it? Here it go:

12:15pm EST: Left out the crib and hiked to the library to AGAIN print out my travel itinerary for the airline and hotel (did the same yesterday, but left the damn papers in the computer lab).  Returned a call+text+voice-mail from my Dad who was momentarily worried because he called me while I was in the library and some woman answered the phone.  Sounds like the signals got crossed – or he could’ve misdialed my number, which is hard to imagine since I’m sure he has it, yanno, saved on his cell.

1:10pm EST: Hopped on the Bee-Line 4-bus to the Bronx to catch the 4-train to 125th.  I could’ve taken Metro North, but I figure I had enough time.  Oh, and I was being a cheap bastard… again.

1:50pm EST: Reached Moshulu Parkway without incident.  Caught the 4-train, which seemed to have a LOT more people waiting for it than you’d think given the time of day and the stop (typically not overly busy).  Found out the uptown 4 was skipping stops due to God-knows-what.  I still got a seat thankfully.

***NOTE TO SELF: there’s just no smooth way to go through a turnstile with wheelie luggage.  I almost clotheslined myself – twice.

2:35pm EST: Reached 125th St.  Got a sandwich from a deli nearby.  Asked for hot peppers on it… not my wisest choice given my itinerary for the rest of the day.

2:47pm EST: Boarded the M60 bus to LaGuardia.  And let me tell you how God is good: that bus was PACKED, I mean butt-cheek-tight.  Had the driver not pulled up and opened the doors right in front of where I was standing, I would not have made it on.  Praise Jesus.

***NOTE TO SELF #2: Bum sister for a ride back home when I fly back Tuesday. 

3:25pm EST: Made it to LaGuardia unscathed.  No holdups passing the security check.  Only holdup was that I had to wait at the gate counter for the agent to confirm where I was sitting.  It made for a few slightly tense moments, but I got a window seat.  Yea me.

4:29pm EST: The plane rolls out of the gate, but the pilot announces that there’s a lot of rush-hour traffic.  I thought he was joking until he stated there were 15 planes ahead of us on the runway.  Fifteen???

5:00pm EST: It’s finally our turn to hit the and take-off!

5:10pm EST: We cross the Hudson.  Looking outside the window, I’m 99.999% confident we just flew over my house.

somewhere over New Jersey I believe.

5:30pm CST: We’re crossing over this large body of water, and it ain’t the Atlantic Ocean.  Lake Michigan is pretty fucking huge, man.  The pilot also announces that we’re just “a few hundred miles from Chicago” and that we should prepare to basically sit our asses back down and buckle up.

5:50pm CST: The plane lands safely.  And I am happily surprised that my ears did not pop.  And is it me, or did we get here kinda fast?  Wow – I must take this flight again.  Best flight ever!

6:39pm CST: So here I am at Chicago O’Hare waiting for my friend to pick me up.  Why couldn’t she be here when my flight landed you ask?  Well, there’s this little thing called Murphy Law that tends to want to rear its head.  She had to work today, and she already feared that would run a little late.  Well, she had a no-call no-show and had to cover; I guess someone decided to take Good Friday off but forgot to tell her.  I’ve definitely been in that situation before; you got shit to do or places to go after work, but something fucks up and you HAVE to stay a little later than planned.  Yup, definitely understand.

6:52pm CST: My friend called!  She’s on her way.  Let me pop another Dentyne Ice… okay I’m good.

45 MINUTES LATER: She picked me up.  And either she was really excited to see me, or she literally ran out of work when her shift was up… she still had on her work apron when she got out the car.

ABOUT 8:45pm CST: Got to the hotel.  Check-in was smooth, but it took me 15 minutes to get into my room because the keycard slot int he door did not want to be bothered apparently.

ABOUT AN HOUR LATER: Went out for dinner.  I had baked chicken and rice pilaf.  My friend had some chopped filet mignon on a toasted roll with a side of mashed potatoes.  She wasn’t crazy about the steak (they cooked it medium-well vs. well-done); in fact she mused that she would’ve been happy if they made a sandwich out of the bread and mashed potatoes.  Um, wtf??? Who does that???  My friend is not well upstairs.

11:45pm CST: I am about to call it a night.  Two buses, a train, a plane and three pieces of gum all on the same day – whew!  What’s most important is that I got here safely and I wasn’t stranded – that’s all one can truly ask for.

More from me mañana…


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