Prep to Go (Mid)West

Posted: April 5, 2012 by sirdiggy in life, Travel
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Well it’s Wednesday, and in just 48 40 hours, I will be en route to Chi-Town for the first time ever!  Most who know me know I’m a reserved dude.  But on the inside, maaannn I’m stoked.  I got my new sneakers last weekend – these black work sneaks ain’t cutting it for out-of-town profiling.  Yesterday was a pedicure; today I get my haircut, hit CVS for a hot minute then the library to print out my flight/hotel itinerary.  Tomorrow it’s laundry-time after the gym, which means I’ll be coming into work a little early so I can bounce at 5:30 on the dot.  This will allow my hour workout with enough time to wash clothes before Last Wash (9pm).  Then I get home, arrange the wardrobe for the weekend and pack.  UPDATE: I couldn’t post this entry earlier because the WiFi connect at work went down, which would’ve been 48 hours before I hit the skies.  Didn’t have enough time after my haircut (barber lagged behind, got interrupted a few times – distracted barbers annoy me) to hit the library before it closed, so instead I did my laundry today and the library will be tomorrow after work but before gym.

Also – thanks to my girl D, I have a professionally thorough scouting report on what to do and where to go while in the Windy City.  Quick backgrounder: D is from Chicago, and she and I met through our JRF networking weekends over a decade ago.  Thankfully we found each other on Facebook a while back – and she lives out in Long Island now with her hubby and baby.  At first I was skeptical that she was going to come through for me, but yesterday there was an email waiting for me and holy tourist, Batman!  Four full-blown, detailed paragraphs of the 411.  I almost felt guilty that she put so much effort into it, but she downplayed it, stating that she’s “a really fast typist”.  So much for me and my 39wpm.

Naturally, you’re asking if I will blog on-location during my trip.  Answer: You bet your ass I will!  In fact, I might even blog as I’m riding the Chicago subways – and yes, the city kid in me is indeed looking forward to that.  My phone takes pretty good pictures but the video quality is blah.  So I’m debating whether to bum a digital camera off somebody.  I had my own, but my ex decided to “borrow” it because I “hardly used it” in her words.  She still has it… dammit.

Wait a sec… my sister has a camera!  I wonder what type of “greasing” I’d have to do to get her to let me borrow it.  I bet she’d lend it to me though – she’ll be sympathetic once I tell her my ex has mine.  UPDATE: My sis agreed to let me hold her camera.  I’m in business!

As far as my parents know, I’m visiting friends out in the Chi.  I’d prefer them not be so nosy, but I have to remember that I have zero family out there, my mother doesn’t travel much, and my dad hasn’t been to Chicago since ’71.  His words of advice: “be careful in Chicago”, as if he had any insider knowledge on the city since his last visit over 40 years ago.

Anyways: like I was saying, I told my parents I’m visiting friends.  What I didn’t tell them is I have a date for the weekend when I get out there.  In preparation for such, I made a purchase out of Bath & Body Works (massage oil).  I bring this up because I’ve never known my mother to be a nosy snoop, but a couple days ago she saw the bag in my room and asked, “May I ask what did you get from Bath and Body?”.  I don’t know of a respectful way to tell my mother to mind her own business, so I said it’s a gift for someone – some lotion or something.  I don’t want to think that she already crept inside my room and peeked into the bag while I was at work, but she likely has looked.  Oh well…

Friday morning I go through my checklist, and then sometime after 12noon it’ll be time to roll down to LaGuardia Airport.  That’ll be the next time I check in on here… I can’t wait.


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