A Trip to Beyond My Validation Trepidation

Posted: March 2, 2012 by sirdiggy in family, life, Travel, workplace
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Not many times have I’ve had the opportunity to travel westward – I’ve spent many a childhood summer riding with my brother and stepbrother in the back of my Dad’s ’85 Maxima up and down I-95 to DC, Virginia and South Carolina (Myrtle Beach).  The first time I ventured west was in 2003 when I attended a chatroom offline event in Dallas.  It was a short weekend trip – made slightly shorter by the fact I almost got stranded at the airport in Dallas because somebody: A. forgot to pick me up, and B. did not give me their cell phone number to call once I touched down.  Long story short: I had to get a hotel room nearby, called one of my friends who luckily happened to know one of the attendees at the offline, and the certain somebody finally scooped me at 12:30 that night… nine hours after I landed.*  That “somebody” has long since been forgiven, I ended up having a good time that weekend and she and I have been good friends since.

So fast forward nine years later to the present: I’m planning a trip to Chicago around the end of this month/early April to visit my friend Tweet and see a bit of what this whole “Windy City” business is about.**  I’ve been scouting flights and hotels for over a month to get an idea of how much I want to spend for airfare and lodging.  It’s actually pretty exciting to go someplace new, and with my personal budget already in place I feel like I’ve been able to plan carefully while not having to sacrifice things like paying my bills or my share of the house expenses.  In fact, if I do this right, I can enjoy my little five day-four night trip without scratching the money from my federal tax return.  I got plans for that dough; more on that in a future post.

So here it is about four to five weeks away from my trip, and like I said I’m deep into the airfare tracking and nailing down a hotel with good rates (which I believe I might have done last night).  I’m also researching the Chicago subway system; I won’t be renting a car and the thought of traversing a new subway/rail system is super-cool – FYI you’re talking to someone who used to ride the subways of NYC for fun as a kid.  So in all this plotting, planning, checking, and [discount] double-checking, something hit me yesterday:

…I haven’t told my family yet about my trip!

This is not an oopsie, however.  In Tim Ferriss’ book The Four-Hour Workweek, he says basically that instead of always looking for permission or validation to do something, just do it and apologize later.  He wasn’t referring to anything that would be considered law-breaking (lol – I think), but towards following your passions and doing the things you want that others might potentially frown upon.  For many years, my biggest naysayer was my dad, which is really tough to deal with because I believe there’s something inside all of us that likes or would like that big thumbs-up from our fathers Kronk-style.  One year however, my sister’s father told me that there’s certain people who you can tell what you plan on doing before you do it, and there’s certain people you tell after you’ve done it.  It was then that I began learning that dad is one of the people I tell after I’ve made my decisions and taken action.  Since that time I’ve had to add Mom to the list – folk tend to worry more as they get older, and her mindset has gotten too rooted in the old blue-collar “industrial-era” mentality upon her retirement.  I can’t fault her for it, but it’s not going to groove with what I need to do.

I also need to talk to my co-workers about covering the days I’ll be gone.  I’m still tracking prices, so the days I plan on leaving aren’t set yet.  Once I nail down a flight, I’ll begin hitting them up.  I’m not too worried; I figure if I give folks two-week notice, they’ll have enough time to decide on taking the shifts.  Only thing that worries me slightly is that one of my coworkers is a bit of a ditz when it comes to keeping track of her own schedule, and on multiple occasions she screwed up the days she was supposed to work when switches were made.  Eh… I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Well then… what I will do is after I’ve made my flight and telly purchases and confirmed everything, I’ll let Mom and the fam know.  Dad lives in Florida now, so no need to brief him – though it is ironic he claims he might be in NY around the time I’m planning my trip.  Hopefully I’ll get to see him before or after my trip.  If not, then it’s plan, take action, and apologize later.

*I was baffled that when my friend finally picked me up, she had porn playing on the monitors inside the SUV.  And no, she and I did not have sex [sigh].

**I really hope she does not indeed kidnap me and stuff me full of chocolate cake, black-forest chocolate ice cream and key lime cheesecake.  I feel like I would gain back all the weight I lost since September in one weekend.


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