Author’s Note: Many of these notes I jotted down using a memo app on my Epic earlier this morning

It’s 6:24am.  If you know anything about me, you would know I’m NEVER up at this time unless I absolutely have to be.  Well today, I more-or-less chose to be; I just hopped off the Megabus from my trip up to Syracuse and had planned to arrive at work around 9am.  Except a funny thing happened over the weekend which is causing me to detour to Lower Manhattan…


I’m on the 1-train with a bunch of people dressed in Giants’ attire (mostly jerseys).  The mass quantities of blue and red are headed to what is called here in New York the “Canyon of Heroes” – the parade route the city designates when any of our professional sports teams win the Big One in their respective sport.  My aim is to find the start of this route, check out the gathering of Big Blue fans and the celebratory mojo as the crowd gathers.

It’s 6:44am.  I’ve arrived on Broadway, the route of the “Canyon of Heroes”.  Handfuls of Giant fans have started to arrive.  Even NYPD has gotten into the Giants’ spirit, with their blue and red lights flashing.  Oh wait – they’re just doing that to run the red lights…  Anyways, I have a [potentially] small dilemma; I won’t be able to view the whole parade because it starts at 11am and I’m supposed to be at work sometime in the early afternoon.  Safe to say I’ll likely be late.

(someone got towed already)

[It’s] 7:14am.  Did I mention I’m operating off three hours of sleep?  And it’s cold out here – but if I can stand for seven-plus hours in freezing-ass weather to watch the ball drop with my ex on New Years Eve, I can stand for four hours in cold-but-doable temps.  Besides, thanks in part to my best friend, I have rations with me to keep me from being overly hungry and thirsty.  And the sun has begun to rise.


It’s now 7:37am.  More Giant fans arrive, and the horns are now honking a bit more frequently.  Some guys across the street have a cowbell, and a lady already performed the Victor Cruz end-zone salsa dance.
Author’s Note: at this point, I realize my cellphone battery is draining a bit quicker than I anticipated.  So the next time-point check-in will be short; I needed the remaining juice to take pictures and some video.

It’s 8:19am – the toilet paper (part of the ticker tape routine) tossing has begun.  Any roll that doesn’t make it across the street gets booed.

Some more photos from the parade and gathering…

And the lasting picture I took with the last ounce of battery power I had:

Eli Manning with the Giants co-owners as they hold the Vince Lombardi trophy!


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