I’m Leaving The Driving to Them

Posted: February 3, 2012 by sirdiggy in life, Travel, Uncategorized
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image Coming to you live from on-board a Megabus to Central New York…

This is my first time riding a Megabus, one of the lean’n’trim, “lower-cost” bus lines that has popped up within the last five to six years.  Some of these lines are offshoots of parent bus companies like Coach USA and Greyhound, whom I’m guessing got hip to the cheap Chinatown bus alternatives and realized they needed to offer shit along the same lines.

If you know that I am a New York Giants fan, you might ask why am I headed out of town on the weekend my team is playing in the Superbowl.  “Wouldn’t you want to be amongst other fellow Giant fans to watch the game and celebrate if they win, Diggy?” It’s a logical question – the answer is yes I would, but I planned this trip right before Christmas and had no clue (along with anyone else) that the Giants were about to win five straight games to get to the big game.  I mean, I’m only visiting my best friend – and his family is basically my second family.  It also gives me the chance to see some folk and take care of a few things here and there.  Besides, itks not like I can up and take off work whenever.

So I’m on this Megabus, which has wi-fi (yes!)… although after I navigated past the TOS (Terms of Service) page on my laptop web browser, the connection went kinda kaput (no!). I ain’t sweatin’ it though; each row of seats come with power outlets, which for a 5-hour bus ride is probably more important than wi-fi. Besides, I have an Android phone – I’ll be aiight.

For the bus itself: bi-level seating with a sun-roof along the top of the bus made possible because the luggage compartment is not on the bottom like your average coach. Instead, they reserve space on the bottom level in the rear, and place the luggage in sections depending on where you’re headed. The seats themselves are a bit on the schmedium side – I guess Megabus is doing their part to encourage Americans to lose some weight. And there’s no fold-out tray on the back of your seats, so your laptop really needs to sit in your lap.

One last thing: Megabus openly advertises tht they have fares available from $1, but my ticket cost $31. I thought maybe I could catch the cheapo rate if I booked early enough, but when I looked online, no dice. I even looked for online coupon codes for the $1 seats – I entered the codes, and still no luck; I think the pricing people don’t consider Syracuse a popular-enough destination. That, or they are fans of Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album – “Fuck you, pay me!”

It still beats Greyhound, though. It also beats the cost of a car rental + gas. And it’s (mostly) electronics-friendly… I’ll take it.

  1. chuckspears says:

    I haven’t taken a bus in a minute now. I was thinking about Megabus or Bolt Bus or one of the so called cheapos, but the prices never seemed all that different from the parent companies. The amenities appear to be sweeter though. Have fun, and may big blue do the do.

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