The Hippest Trip In America – RIP Don Cornelius

Posted: February 1, 2012 by chuckspears in family, life, Music, Pop Culture, Uncategorized
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LOVE, PEACE and a SOUL at ease.

If you were into Soul Music. Funk. Jazz, R&B or Hip-Hop and had a TV set turned on on Saturdays and grew up between 1971 and 2006 in America, then it might trouble you to learn about the Passing of Don Cornelius. Cornelius,  born September 27, 1936, was the creator and long time host of one of the longest running syndicated music programs in America.

In my household it was a Saturday tradition. I grew up in the 80’s and got to see history in the making. Shalomar and Jodi Watley started as Soul Train Dancers. And my younger loved Jodi Watley , “Friends” was one of her favorite songs and she bit her style so hard. I mean it’s not even funny. But it was cute. Even though my sister was the youngest of the five of us, she would watch Soul Train like a hawk and teach us all the dance moves week in and week out. The family did a bunch of talent shows and she was the primary choreographer. My older sisters watched for groups like New Edition, Guy and Al B. Sure. Stuff we couldn’t see on American Bandstand. We got to see our people dancing, performing and shining.

We got to see hip-hop grow up on the show. Artists from RUN DMC up until Jay-Z. I remember being extra hyped when The Wu-Tang Clan showed up, even though Method Man was clearly not moving his lips when his vocals were playing. De La Soul would contend that “Don don’t like rap.” on the song “Pass the Peas” from their sophomore album, De La Soul is Dead, but I can remember seeing him give big respect to Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy. The show was ground breaking in so many ways and the best showcase for black artists even with BET’s Video Soul.

Don’s legacy is slightly marred with last years marital struggles and the circumstances of his death. For the news of a suicide of a celebrated African-American to come on the first day of Black History Month is a little questionable, but there is no question about the impact that this smooth, intelligent and savvy brother had on the world of entertainment and the Black Community. We will miss that smooth voice, the charm, and the magnanamous presence of a true visionary. Don Cornelius, we here at  Stop Trying To Play Me sincerely wish you LOVE, PEACE and SOOOOUUUUUL!

  1. Little Sister says:

    But why you tryna play me though????

  2. chuckspears says:

    I’m not trying to play you sis, I meant to add that you went on to teach dance in the community for several years further perpetuating the legacy of dance and without shows like Soul Train, you probably wouldn’t see the power of dance. And it was cute, you were like 6 with the Jodi Watley attitude. And you definitely had more style than even the adults around the way.

    Big Ups, Ya heards?!?!


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