Pain & Agony vs. Fat & Happy 5

Posted: January 18, 2012 by sirdiggy in fitness & exercise, Humor, life, Pop Culture
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Before I start, I want to give my partna Chuck Spears props for holding down the blog while I been MIA (and check out his review of the Black Power Mixtape as an MLK tribute/offering… nicely done, bro).  For the past couple of months, I’ve been on a steady diet of one post per week (more-or-less).  Hell, I was even able to post regularly through the Christmas season and through to my birthday.  So what on earth happened to me last week?

  1. I volunteer as editor-in-chief of a new urban website (maybe I mentioned this before?) and I’ve been focused on recruiting writers to produce articles for the site’s home page.  Last week was our first writer’s deadline.
  2. I did not have as much down time at work over the past seven days as I usually enjoy. Between a visit by my boss, dealing with the end of the installation of new patient televisions, training a new rep, and dealing with a few unique-but-time-consuming service problems, I’ve actually had to do a little bit of work…  smh
  3. I was a bit under the weather over the weekend, and once I got over that I had a massive headache Sunday night.
  5. I was kidnapped by a horny MILF and was holed up somewhere in the Chicago area.  She force-fed me an odd diet of chocolate cake, black-forest chocolate ice cream and key lime cheesecake while mutteringMe like moobies!  She also performed other activities that I have been advised not to comment on at this time – I am receiving professional help from a [sex] therapist to recover from this ordeal.*

(Excuses, excuses… get back on your job, Diggy!)
(…ok, fine!)

Well now that I’m back, I guess I can talk a bit more about my weight-loss.  As I noted on a previous entry, the holiday season – with all the free and extra feasting it provides – did me no favors but thankfully I did not gain much of anything because I did keep exercising during the season.  So now it’s back to slowly dropping a few more pounds.

I’ve noticed there’s been a lot more patrons at my gym since the new year – too many if you ask me.  All these New Years’ revolutionists (composed of mostly women) are coming in and hogging up the machines, especially the bikes. I guess I should be glad they’re there – some of them are cute – but truthfully, they’re fucking with my routine and timing… get out of my way!  Half of ’em won’t even be here in a month from now; all these “New-Year, New-Me-bies” and their silly resolutions, grrrr.

What some of these folk aren’t realizing is exercising is about making a lifestyle change, and making such a change I believe requires a deeper reason than your stereotypical New Year, New Me fad that dies out after a month or so.  Such changes require real thought and motivation, for change, while necessary, is rarely easy.

They should fill out this form like I did a few weeks back…

P.S: Happy Birthday, Tweety!


*I made this last point up… Totally.


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