The title of this entry sounds very brave, brazen and heroic, doesn’t it?

Personally, I hate when people make such new year mantras like “This is my year!” because I’m skeptical that the people saying that will truly commit to making the changes necessary – or maybe the people I heard say it, I knew they were playing themselves.  Have they really sat down and reviewed their past year and resolved not to fall into the same bullshit habits or associate with the same bullshit people?  Or better yet, have they realized it is themselves that are the main producers of said bullshit?

My gym sends me weekly emails to I suppose keep me motivated towards a healthier lifestyle (I suppose).  The last email they sent was an end-of-year self-evaluation questionnaire from  The email explained it as follows:

“…the benefits of the end-of-year review offer us “lessons learned” from those situations that may have not turned out as we might had hoped and those that did. Something is always working in our favor – we just need to discover what it is…”

Soooooo… in the spirit of self-reflection, I ask you to read along as I will attempt to answer this questionnaire fully and honestly.  The questionnaire consists of 20 questions; my answers are in blue

  • What were my resolutions or goals for 2011?  I stopped making New Years’ resolutions after junior high school.  In fact, I think the last time I made a resolution, I was at the Museum of Natural History with my brother and grandmother.  A reporter from ABC-7 came up to ask me my resolution, and I replied, “to be more sarcastic!”
  • What were my greatest accomplishments for 2011 that I am most proud of? That I finally made some changes to my life to put me on a better path of better long-term goals.  I have new-found direction and resolve.  Oh yeah, and starting this blog with Chuck Spears, of course!
  • Now, what was one more? I learned I’m fine with eating two or three chocolate chip cookies instead of five or six.
  • What are the actions I took to achieve these accomplishments? Well, it started with my ex-girl breaking up with me, which wasn’t an action I took on my own, but eventually led to my learning of what makes a person wealthy, and why budgeting is so important. 
  • What strengths did I tap into to be able to take these actions? They say cocaine is a helluva drug – so is motivation.  Thankfully, I only subscribe to the latter.
  • How can I apply these strengths to move forward in 2012? It’s all about dedication and time management, baby.  Gotta continue to improve both.
  • What did I intend to do in 2011 that did not get done? Well given that I had no set goals coming into the years, I can’t say that there wasn’t anything I didn’t get done.  See what happens when you set the bar low?  Anything positive is considered success! LOL
  • What were the biggest challenges or barriers I faced in 2011 that contributed to not accomplishing everything I wanted? This should be a straightforward question, but what if your goals and mindset changed during the year, thus your realize new challenges and barriers for the road ahead?  Let’s table this for 2012 where I’ll have more definitive goals and barriers for such.
  • How did I deal with each of these? Again, let’s table this for 2012 and come back to it
  • Where do I get my strength to overcome barriers? Six months ago I probably would said a couple cans of Pepsi, but I’ve been laying off the soda since September.  Now, I know the answer to be knowledge, self-confidence and God.  That’s the basis of what I’ll need for this coming year.
  • How have I grown from these accomplishments and challenges? I’ve realized that being not-quite-as-fat and happy is a really good alternative to being fat and happy.  I’ve tackled a long time hatred and fear of mine – exercising – and begun to see the positive results of it.  See any of my Pain & Agony vs Fat & Happy posts.
  • What am I most grateful for as I reflect back on the year?  Family and friends, but everyone’s pretty much grateful for that – too cliché.  I did however visit Miami for the first time back in April – let’s go with that. 
  • What have I learned? To accept the fact that despite having a B.S. and an M.S., that I still pretty much know nothing.  And I learned how to explain this to my family so every time I don’t know something, they can stop responding via saying “didn’t you learn that in college?”
  • Who are my greatest supporters or support systems that I can rely on as I move forward? Those who understand me and are in the same or similar boat.  It’s a small circle, but they say networking is all about finding like-minded people.  Thank God for the Internet – for real though.
  • How can I show my gratitude and appreciation to those who have supported me? How about a cold one?  A holiday card? Well probably by at least staying in touch.
  • What would I like to be different in the upcoming year? Lot’s of things – improved credit rating, increased traffic for the blog, finish writing my book, get my best friend on board with this investment and money educational process, take a trip, have an emergency piggy bank (courtesy of Dave Ramsey’s teachings), and help this site take off as its Editor-in-Chief.  Oh, and to see the Knicks make a playoff run this year!
  • What would it feel like to experience this difference? Maaaannnn – it’ll be all types of awesomeness.  New progress; real progress; to once again succeed in doing the things I enjoy.  Maybe I’ll even make a buck or two!
  • What am I willing to do to make this change a reality? Mindset, baby!  Actually, I’ve already started, but see the next question…
  • What barriers do I anticipate and what strategies can I put into place to overcome these barriers? Fear, overcoming existing expectations that are not mine, and maybe family.  It’s hard when those who share your blood don’t share your brains and vision.  As for fear, I’ll put it in the hands of a coke and rum God and continue to educate myself.  Once I succeed, we can erase those expectations – or at least tell my dad, “see, if I wasted my years dying a slow death by being a math teacher I would have never had the time to write or help admin a website or learn about investing”.
  • What is the first step I need to take to get closer to my goals? Lay off the Big Macs and Whoppers – have you seen the calorie count on one of those meals??  No seriously though, continue to take baby steps and learn.  Work to not get too ahead of myself, and not get too discouraged if things temporarily fail.
  1. dro says:

    Awesome. Love the new focus A-B.

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