Man Football Day = Family

Posted: December 20, 2011 by sirdiggy in family, life, sports
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My mother told me a few years ago that as you get older, certain things become more important to you with age.  And I have to admit that while I am a young 34 years of age, the rip-run-party lifestyle that I adopted for my three years in Albany stopped appealing to me midway through age 31.  Companionship (platonic and non-platonic) and family become a bit more important – especially when you have that moment you finally realize, “oh shit, my parents are getting old”.

Speaking of family, I have a lot of cousins, but oddly enough they’re either older or younger than me.  Many of these cousins are female, but the ones I’ve been around or know the most are the sons of my mother’s late older sister.  In September of 2010, I proposed to them that we have a “Man Football Day” once a year where they come over and we watch football and eat. That year, we did it in October and it was good time.  This year, we had it this past Sunday.  They started to arrive late in the third quarter of the Redskins-Giants game (don’t get me started on how badly the G-men laid an egg), and stayed through watching the Jets get smashed by the Eagles.

While it was great to have football and food amongst them, the real treat was my sister’s paternal brother, whom we had not seen since he was a pre-teen, was able to visit.  He’s my brother’s age, and darn if he isn’t almost a spittin’ image of his own father, right down to his body language and mannerisms.  It’s a long story as to why he had been dark all these years, but it was good seeing him and I felt really happy for my sister… and he still enjoys my mother’s fried chicken.

After everyone left, my mother kept telling me how nice it was to have everyone over and how she thinks it’s great that I put together this yearly (mostly) male get-together.  My oldest nephew was there, and one of my cousins has a son close to his age so he had someone to play with.  I guess as older relatives pass on, the ones left realize the value of getting together for such events and to be able to keep in touch.

It was a nice day.  Too bad the Giants couldn’t cooperate and, yanno, win a game, but life+family > sports.


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