WeTopia – The Social Game that Gives Back

Posted: December 6, 2011 by sirdiggy in charity, life, social issues
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Every once in a while I look at the tech news to see what new stuff is on the horizon.  I came across this new game while reading about the 20 best startups of 2011.  WeTopia is a social game developed by SoJo Studios that allows players to actually impact the real world via charity.  The company (SoJo is short for Social Joy) was founded by a Kentucky native named Lincoln Brown, and lists Ellen DeGeneres as one of its investors.

I was intrigued by engaging in a time-eating game that at least gives to the needy.  Since I now have a excuse to waste my time for a good cause (just kidding Lincoln), I decided to give WeTopia a whirl.  If you’re a fan of Zynga’s CityVille (as I was before I decided Facebook was sucking up too many hours of my day), then you’ll pick up on game-play easily, because it plays just like it.  The big difference is, as well acquiring in-game currency and experience points, you also acquire Joy in which you can spend on charitable projects like building a school in Haiti.  Spending then sending off the Joy nets you additional currency and experience points.  Completing quests and leveling up also nets you additional Joy.  Not bad.

So if you’re the type of Facebook gamer that’s good with signing up friends to be your allies or neighbors in all sorts of games, get them to sign onto this one, and they can play and give back at the same time without being panhandled.  After all, ‘tis the season to give.


via WeTopia.


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