Test-icular Fortitude

Posted: November 30, 2011 by sirdiggy in career news, job, life
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It’s 7:46am – too early in the day for me, but after the bullshit of being at work by 7am for that stupid car rental place in June, I can deal with it for one day.  Plus it good to test myself once in a great while to make sure I can function this time of morning.

Anyways, I have to take an MTA exam in Brooklyn at 9:30am, and I did not want to go over budget (which I still might, anyways) by paying $9 for a peak-hr Metro-North train into midtown.  So I mapped out a local bus-to-subway yesterday and got up extra early to allow for more time.

It’s now 8:02am and I’m safely aboard the 4 train going to Brooklyn.  MTA’s online trip planner says it’ll take 58 minutes, but I’ve been hung up enough times traveling down Lexington Ave to know better.  I’ll be happy if the trip takes an hr and 15 min.

Speaking of the MTA, this exam is for counting ridership or tracking times of trains and buses at various intervals – I forget.  Either way, I can’t say I’m excited.  In my being dumped by my ex (August) and subsequent awakening from my career depression in September, I know now I do not want to work for a bureaucratic institution where I’m just a cog.  But alas, I’m living at home with a mother still primarily stuck in the old school way of thinking (work somewhere for 25+ yrs even if u don’t care for the job).  So taking this exam is a good show of “I’m looking for a ‘real’ job”. 

It’s not that I can’t use the extra income – I can.  But I’ve become huge on measuring money vs time vs energy vs headache.  Too many jobs do not pay enough for the time, energy and headache they require, and these days businesses feel as if they don’t have to try all that hard to disguise this.  The job I have now, while it alone never allow me to move, it does allow me to have the time to develop my financial knowledge base as well as work on how to put together my long term goals.  It’s like self-training, but instead of paying to learn, I’m getting paid while learning.

So back to today – it’s 8:37am and the 4 just pulled into midtown manhattan. Safe to assume that barring a mechanical problem or emergency, this train will be in Brooklyn in 20 minutes or so.  Which will give me time to get a coffee – something I rarely drink but I feel I will need help staying awake and energized.  Though I don’t sweat these types of exams, I like to be alert so I can do my best.  So what if I score well and they call me in for the job?  Will I take it?

The short answer is yes – if I have no better options and the job allows enough money for me to save and move out.  The longer answer is to continue my newfound path of enlightenment and work towards having better options available if and when that time comes.

9:24am: Approaching test site with coffee in hand.  Wish me luck (?)

I am really not a morning person.


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