Birth of an “Internet Pimp”

Posted: November 18, 2011 by sirdiggy in dating, Humor, life, Women

My college buddies still refer to me as an “Internet Pimp” because I was the first person they knew that met women from online.   I can assure you though that the results were not always pimpin’, but the truth is dating in general is about dealing with unknowns whether you met the person face-to-face or on a computer.  You can meet a person from the Net and find out they are not quite what or whom they said they are, and you can date someone you’ve met in person a few times – and maybe enter a relationship with them – and find out that person isn’t who they’ve led you to believe they were.  Same shit, different toilets.

In high school and college, I was far from a smooth, dapper socialite.  I had no game – plain and simple.  But while in college, I had my first computer, which led me to AOL (does ANYONE use that anymore?) and Black Voices.  I began chatting with women online, and eventually meeting them offline.  This was in the mid to late 1990’s, where online dating was still generally taboo because people thought you’d end up meeting a raging psychopath.  And it seemed like not even half the people online had pics available, so you had to snail mail pictures and pray those pics the girl sent you indeed was of herself (and not her more-attractive girlfriend, sister or cousin), and that the picture was a recent one.  Or, you had to get your pictures scanned onto floppy disk at a Kinko’s, then upload the pics so you can email them to your person of interest.  And remember that there were no such thing as dating websites back then; thus, I proudly consider myself one of the firsts to truly embrace online dating.

“Hold up, Diggy,” you muse. “You were in college, so why did you spend all that damn time on the Net being a cyber-mack when you had plenty of women all-around you?”  The answer to that is, again, I was no socialite coming into college.  Maybe I could’ve reinvented myself to play a “role” more identifiable to the ladies, but I have not an ounce of thug in me, and I don’t nearly have the levels of primp and vanity necessary to be a pretty-boy.  Besides, the truth is that all you can be is yourself.

You know what’s become a byproduct of my early Internet dating?  A few of the women whom I met have become lifetime friends despite me seeing them in person maybe a handful of times.  One of them has a site on here you can peep.

I’ll be sharing more stories of my trial-and-error early days of Net dating in the near future. Til then…

  1. […] of people can find locals and non-locals to suit their tastes, but back when I started on the Net this definitely wasn’t the case (ah, the days of the AOL chat rooms and BlackVoices).  Oh, you could find someone who you were […]

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