Movie Ideas

Posted: November 11, 2011 by chuckspears in Film, Humor, Pop Culture
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I’m planning on pitching these ideas to Hollywood, but I have a feeling some are already being made.

Furry and the Fuzzball

Unconventional Love

When bachelor Daryl Peterson is sent to a trade conference by his manufacturing company he falls head over heels with Denise Carpenter while she’s dressed as a furry zebra…thing. A cartoon he loved as a kid. But the thing is, it’s his ex-girlfriend’s sister and she doesn’t want to make things awkward. She agrees to go on a date with him, but keeps the costume on. And this doesn’t bother Daryl at all.

Private Dancer

Candy Monroe a stripper from Las Vegas gets into trouble with the son of a mob boss and has to skip town. The safest place she could think of was the Army. She enlists and is off to boot camp before she knows it. She’s the worst cadet Sgt. Hardiggan has ever seen. She pleads her case and he decides to give her individual attention so she can be safe from the mob and be all she can be. But her old habits die hard and antics abound in this off the wall comedy.

Since made I've been corrected knitting and crocheting are completely different things


Keri and Madeline Samson are sisters that are reuinited because of a death in the family. At the reading of the will they discover that they have to work together in some type of knitting/crochet contest against other family members. But they don’t like one another and neither of them have ever knitted anything before. They have to overcome these obstacles in order to win. But Keri married Madeline’s ex-fiance. How could they ever hope to work together?

speed bumps of love

Who Gave Me Herpes?

Lucy Gams has had her share of lovers but she’s finally found the one. So she takes an STD test before she consummates this relationship to find out that she has Herpes. Now she has to go through her old black book to figure out who gave her herpes. She also has to tell them all to get tested. Hilarity ensues, how could it not?

Granny Goose Lays Golden Egg

85 and Pregnant

85 year old Sarah Elders has been widowed for a while and having her way with younger men until her arthritis started acting up. A mix up at the pharmacy leaves her with experimental fertility pills. Now she and her lover have to deal with all the challenges of being an octogenarian woman carrying a baby.


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