Right to Write

Posted: November 5, 2011 by sirdiggy in Uncategorized

Upon my final Spring in college, I had a class schedule mishap – well, I guess it was a misinterpretation on my part – that almost cost me graduating on time.  I was supposed to had taken a newspaper writing class in the Fall; instead I took something (maybe an extra speech course) else that I thought satisfied that requirement.  What made the situation potentially more dire is that one newspaper class was only offered in the Fall.  The only other class that would satisfy my missing requirement was the advanced version of the newspaper writing course offered in the Spring, but as a prerequisite, you had to take the beginner Fall course.

So with a little politicking and the blessing of the dean of the School of Arts and Science, I was able to take the advanced course.  The professor was an editor at the Baltimore Sun, and for the start of the first few classes, he’d put us through this blitz where he’d rattle off some factuals of an event for us to jot down.  When then had to ask questions to fill in the gaps between the who-what-when-where-why-how, and then he’d give us 10 minutes to write-up a story based on the info he gave.  It was a challenge the first couple of go-rounds, but thankfully I was able to catch on.  We also had projects where we had to cover local cases at the criminal courthouse downtown.  It was an eventful class – at the end, I remember calling him to get my final grade.  I figured I had made enough progress for a solid ‘B’, but he told me my aim was a little low – your boy scored an ‘A’, and he invited me to keep in touch.  And you know I had to go back to the dean to show her my grade when I got my report card.

I brought that up to wonder what if I had stuck with writing (likely for a newspaper) instead of pursuing radio?  Both industries ultimately took a shit hard – the amount of newspapers jobs lost within the last decade is staggering:

*chart courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek

Maybe I would have one of the tens of thousands that would’ve lost their jobs in the past five years alone.  What’s worse was, according to an article in the Washington Times, at one point a in 2008 only six percent of those journalists who lost their jobs were able to find new employment in their field. 

Nevertheless, I’m glad that I have once again picked up the mantle of writing, albeit in a different format and forum.  With God’s help, I may even make a few bucks down the road.  But to be able to share myself – my creativity, my life, my views – in a creative, constructive way; to find those who vibe with what I have to say and how I say it, that’s truly what it is about.  I appreciate whomever blesses this page and even read half of my ramblings.  I’ll continue to rebuild my passions and keep writing.


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