Pain & Agony vs Fat & Happy 4

Posted: October 28, 2011 by sirdiggy in family, life
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Last week, I hopped on the dreaded scale to see if my new, healthier habits had begun to show results. And it did: I’m down to 224lbs from 235lbs… 11 pounds in six weeks! I’ll take that gladly.  A lot of my friends have been very supportive of my quest to slim down, including my partner-in-blog Chuck Spears, who works out regularly himself.  My best friend who was briefly in town Tuesday night asked me how do I feel.  I told him I feel pretty good; a little bouncier I suppose.  But my turn to fitness is part of a grander scheme to improve myself and to put myself in better position in the months and years to come.

*SideBar: I sometimes crack jokes that my penis is the most in-shape muscle in my body, because during sex I would become winded before I shot my load.  In other words, my dick had better stamina than my body – not that my ex was complaining.  But if  can attempt some other sexual positions that require a bit more strength and stamina, or hold in certain positions longer because I have the extra stamina, then it’ll be a nice side effect to my weight loss.

Any-whoo… It was rainy, cold, and windy last night, so not as many people where at the gym as usual.  Can’t let a lil rain (or a slight cold) stop me, yanno?  I’m still doing some of the upper-body weight training exercises taught to me in my free training session.  I wish the trainer had explained in detail the benefit of each particular exercise, but I understand the free session is more-so a sales pitch to get you to buy a monthly trainer plan.  There are a couple of sit-up/stomach crunch machines that I tried out last week.  Yesterday, I put on a five-pound dumbbell and did four sets of eight crunches – I don’t think my stomach has experienced that much work since last Thanksgiving.

As for financial fitness – I received some GREAT news Monday that for the first time in seemingly forever, my credit score has gone UP.  And not from “shit-sandwich to gourmet shit-sandwich” either; I am officially out of the High Risk area.  I’ve never been so happy to be fair/average/mediocre.  Of course I have more work to do – I still have to send out these letters to either challenge or legitimize the few negative things I have on my report.  In the meantime, I finally copped a local library card and I borrowed a Dummies book on investing in foreclosed properties.  I’m light years away from doing any investing, but I plan to build my knowledge base in the meantime so when the time comes, I’ll be better equipped.  I’m also abiding strictly by my personal budget – which technically means I’m going to have to start buying Christmas gifts real soon (or keep saving extra money per week) so I won’t have to blow things up as Christmas comes closer.  Understand – I don’t care to start my shopping early; I’m more the knock-off-the-list-within-two-weeks-of-Christmas-Day type.  I have some tolerance for shopping, but not a lot.  Shopping for me is mostly a task; I’ll do my homework to find out whom wants what and where I can get it the cheapest via online.  If I find something at a brick-n-mortar store and I can buy it online for free or cheap home delivery, great!  If I can reserve it, but I have to visit the store to physically pick the item up, that’s OK too.  Both methods do not involve me standing on my feet shifting through a bunch of crap to find the desired item.  If I could get away just buying everyone a $20 – $25 gift card, it’d be sweet. But sometimes my family has this thing about not taking the easy way out.  Oh well… I’ll start with my nephews and nieces.  Toys R Us, anyone?


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