Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?

Posted: October 24, 2011 by chuckspears in Humor, life, Pop Culture, WTF

Okay, I was watching Thundercats the other day and a commercial they were playing confused the shit out of me.

Are these really toy crabs? Are they marketing toy crabs…to little girls. Now don’t get me wrong, Sebastian from the Little Mermaid was one thing. He had a personality and was a licensed movie character. Little girls (or boys) could pretend they were Ariel and Her crab friend was trying to keep them from having a super fun time. They could connect with him. But these Xia Xia crabs make no sense. When have little girls en mass clamored to have pet crabs. My Little Pony, okay girls want ponies. Care Bears all kids seem to love teddy bears, they’re some and you can hug them and feel safe with them while you sleep.

These Xia Xia are hard plastic crabs that scuttle about, all crab-like. Hey why not spiders, little girls love spiders, right?

There are articles online I’ve gleaned over saying this toy is the big ticket holiday toy of the year. It’s more baffling than Furby.

But least these monstrosities spoke and if you had a friend with a Furby they could talk to each other in their gibberish language that kids seem to find adorable.

These Xia Xia are crabs. Crabs that carry tiny human babies on their backs. I just don’t see the appeal. I guess they want girls to grow  up unafraid of the possiblity of having crabs in the future. They’ll be all, “I used to have a collection of crabs when I was a kid. They were amazing fun.”


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