99% Problems

Posted: October 17, 2011 by sirdiggy in career news, life, Pop Culture
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In the midst of these #OccupyWallStreet protests, a friend of mind found this picture on someone’s Facebook page and re-posted it.  Needless to say, it made for quite a conversation and debate:



So, the debate began on the legitimacy of this student’s claim as well as the validity of the points he makes and his apparent belief that one can choose to have the “99 problems that the 99% have” (that’s my own little saying – don’t jack that; thank you, lol) or choose to be the 1% whom is debt free and is accountable for all of their own decisions. The comments that followed within the thread varied greatly.  Some claimed bullshit, and a few backed up the student’s letter with their own stories of eventual success and personal accountability.  Others like myself applauded the kid’s schooling and effort but noted there are some things that maybe he doesn’t realize or perhaps left out in his note.  Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

“wow… i needed to read this. Whomever schooled that kid early on did a real nice job. But what that kid is missing is that a lot of people got into debt and financial problems because they thought they were pursuing the American Dream which is sold to us by our gov’t and many of our parents (with good reason). Problem is, the Dream in essence sold people all right – right up the river without a paddle. Yes: ultimately, it’s up to the individual to make smart, responsible choices about their life, career and finances.. but that doesn’t mean these institutions weren’t playing the ‘dollar tied to a string’ trick on people…”

While one has a responsibility to be informed and not-gullible, it doesn’t mean those who take advantage of the gullible should whistle Dixie.  As a Black person, I believe that while knowledge is attainable by anybody.  I also believe that there has been – and still are – opportunities to attain certain knowledge and information that is purposely disguised and made to look unattainable to certain groups of people.  For many, many years, I’ve believed and known that Blacks were the victim of such.  But now it’s not JUST Blacks or Latinos or any particular ethnicity – it’s become a clash of social and economic classes.  Want proof?  Just visit We Are The 53% and check out some of the comments written in people’s letters.  I’m not saying I agree or disagree with anyone in particular on that site, but it’s clear the blame game/class war is in full swing.

In reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Total Money Makeover, they talk about the mentality of the poor/middle class versus the wealthy.  Makeover not only talks about the mentality but helps people build personal accountability and gives a step by step process for working out of the “99%” and onto the “1%”.  The kid holding the letter appears well on his way, but what I’m learning is there are a lot of well-meaning people (as well as a lot of not-so-well meaning people in disguise) who are misinformed and are spreading such misinformation and advice.  Thus, if what this student says were that easy to understand, you wouldn’t need books teaching people on it.


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