A Family Day

Posted: October 16, 2011 by sirdiggy in family, life
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You know one thing I’ve realized as I’m moving through my 30’s?  That parents retire, and they start to get old.  It’s not really that all of a sudden they’re at that AARP/senior-citizen-discount age.  Rather, it’s all of a sudden that one day YOU realize this.  If you been fortunate enough to have your parents alive and relatively healthy for your whole life, you don’t really give much thought to the prospect that your parents will get old and eventually pass on.  For me, I’ve also been fortunate that up until 2009, I’ve had both my paternal grandparents.  Once my grandfather passed on in August of that year, it’s left my grandmother as the one alive n still kicking thankfully.  But even she’s had to slow down over the past few years, which is sometimes hard for me to fathom because my grandmother has always been very social and very active.  It’s unfortunate she can’t travel like she used to, but at least she can walk a few blocks to meet me for lunch every few months.

So yesterday, I rode with my mother as she gathered all her grandchildren (including my sister’s daughter whom is not related to my dad’s side of the fam, which shocked me because “universal inclusion” is not something my paternal family has always practiced) and drove to my grandmother’s crib in the Bronx.  My grandmother hadn’t seen her great-grands in a long time, and had yet to meet my brother’s daughter.  My grandmother was delighted to see all of them, and they all took to her well.

About 45 minutes into our visit, as we’re about to feed the kids, we here keys as my grandmother’s door opens suddenly and in walked – surprise – my dad (I didn’t realize he had a key, but then again I shouldn’t be shocked).  I knew he was in town for his yearly physicals, but I thought he already trekked it back home to Florida.  Of course the nephews were excited to see him as was I; my nieces didn’t quite know who he was because they hadn’t really seen him before.  He scooped up my brother’s daughter and introduced himself as her grandpa, while my mother told my other niece that he’s “my daddy and Uncle D’s (my brother) daddy”.

So we dined on buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, carrots, celery and grapes (mom thinks dad advised my grandmother on a “kid-friendly” food selection) and the boys played on the computer while the girls looked at old photo albums and played patty-cake with my dad.  Then grandma broke out the dessert – cherry Italian ices with oatmeal-raisin and vanilla cookies.  It truly was a day for the great-grands to eat and be merry, for us to have all the children together.  While my parents sat in the living room, my grandmother had me sit at the head of the table, and I got to serve the kids and “regulate” just as my dad used to do when he’d bring my brother and myself over every Christmas Eve for dinner.  As someone said to me later, you just don’t know how many more times you’ll get to have family together like that.  And it’s true.

In the past, It wasn’t always the case where both my parents and their respective sides of the family could gather in peace.  But thankfully, time and older age has mellowed things out where good moments like these can occur.  In my grandmother’s living room, there’s an old photo of my great-grandfather, his son – my grandfather, my father and me as a baby: a rare opportunity for four generations of family to stand together.  And yesterday thankfully was yet again another opportunity for four generations to gather.  And yes, we took pictures.

  1. chuckspears says:

    That’s pretty cool man. 4 generations just kicking it. A special time indeed.

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