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Posted: October 4, 2011 by sirdiggy in Humor, life, Women
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This is the first posting that Chuck Spears and I are doing together.  Hopefully, there will be more joint efforts in the future, because I feel conversational posts can be a lot of fun – and we hang out together from time to time.

Sir Diggy

A couple of Fridays ago, Chuck and I attended the New York Urban League Classic Pre-Game Party – oh, I should probably explain first what the Urban League Classic is… eh, on second thought, just check out this link for more info.  So the Pre-Game party was a sponsored event at this bar which had an upstairs mini-lounge.  Most of the patrons were guests of or affiliated with either the Urban League or the schools who were playing in the game the next day, so it was a mature crowd, which is good.

Armed with my new business cards, I was able to do some networking and exchange contact info with some lovely women; a few of them were downright fine.  Two months out of being broken up with, I felt it was time for me to find some engaging women to have a chat or two with.  Am I emotionally 100% ready to move to a new relationship? No, but this night wasn’t about that: it was a chance to mingle with women whom possess similar levels of professional ilk.  As far as that goes, mission accomplished.

Hey Chuck, how was the night for you? Did you find the mingling helpful for you?  I saw you chatting it up with homegirl in the pretty short black dress who was part of that radio group we met.  Was she someone you could be interested in?

Chuck Spears

Not really Diggy. Just having a little fun. If she put it out there, I might have just gone with it. But, the night for me was just about letting go. Dancing, although I’m no candidate for America’s Best Dance Crew or Alvin Ailey’s dance company, is something I kind of used to do along with my siblings, in talent shows. All over New York City. But since it wasn’t something I wanted to do, it came off as a chore, instead of fun. That led it to be something  I avoided in life.      

But aside from that, I was just having a good time, enjoying a few free bottles of Coors. I think that might be the only way to enjoy a Coors. When I ordered my second bottle one of the girls working with the sponsor started chatting me up. She was cute, well being that she was selected to be one of the models for the event, I guess that goes without saying. But you know, I kept it casual, figured she was just doing her spokes model thing.  

But the place really didn’t need sexy spokes models. The attendees offered more than enough by way of eye-candy. There were so many women there. I think the ration was 3 to 1. These numbers weren’t quite as good as the fabled 17 to 1 people brought up in our Morgan State days, but for a New York party, that’s damn near a miracle  lately. Not that it matters much. I didn’t go out of my way to approach any of them. Something felt off. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something was telling me I didn’t need to swing or even step to the plate tonight. With all that I managed to enjoy myself though. So we stayed till we shut the spot down. Diggy was kind of on fire that night. As we were leaving he spotted this sister in a flower print dress that had a bright future behind her. 1.81 gigawatts indeed!

Something might have happened there, but I wasn’t exactly paying attention. He’ll fill you in I’m sure. So we leave and walk across town to Penn Station so I could hop on the LIRR to Jamaica, because it being after midnight I was sure the E train was somehow only running from West 4th Street to 14th street. When I Got my ticket and was heading to my train, Diggy ran into some old friends of his from high school. Friends of his he somehow graduated from high school with in the same year we graduated from college. Friends of his, that knew him as Jimbo.

Sir Diggy

…Ah, so that was what she called me.*  And you couldn’t tell her we did not go to high school together – that’s how drunk she was.  She sort-of looked like a friend of mine from upstate – had I not made eye-contact I might’ve tried to ignore her.  Nonetheless, I ended up chatting a bit with her and her friends (who didn’t seem quite as drunk as she was).  Taking a step back, I had never been inside Penn Station at 4am on a Saturday.  The scene was surreal: all these people, most passed out on the ground from a hard night of clubbing and bar-hopping, waiting for their trains to begin boarding so they can go home to wherever in Queens or Long Island.  Being a Westchester County resident, I had to wait until after 6am for anything to start running back to Yonkers – next time I’m asking Mom to borrow her car, lol.  This bring me back to the real reason I stopped to chat with the cute drunk girl – I needed to kill time after Chuck left me to go home.  The fact that she was cute was really a red herring: it would have been pointless to try to hit on her and get her number.  I’ve seen plenty women at her level of drunkenness.  Even if she was coherent enough to give me her number, there’s no way she would’ve remembered me the next day.

Eventually, drunken chick and her friends got up to grab a bite, and I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and ultimately leave for the A-train back uptown.  After twenty minutes, a train finally pulled up and I boarded along with some more young ladies fresh from the club – one of which was walking with plastic bags around her feet because her shoes were killing her (call it shoe-a-cide – thanks Fabolous).  They were headed to Queens, but they faced a few problems:

1.  The “A” doesn’t go to Queens via uptown.
2. The “E” train, which normally stops at Penn Station, was rerouted to the “F” line, which does not stop at Penn Station (as Chuck mentioned earlier).
3. None of these ho.. err, ladies apparently know how to read signs (there were signs posted all over regarding the rerouted “E” train).
4. They don’t know how to read a subway map.
5. They don’t know how to follow directions.
6. They were idiots.

I explained to them that they needed to take a DOWNTOWN “A” train to West 4th and catch the “E” there.  But apparently, since I don’t walk around with an MTA logo on my head, I couldn’t possibly know what I was talking about.  That was their collective attitude – until they reached 72nd Street and started to realize maybe they were headed in the wrong direction.  Long story short, once they realized I was right, they ended up getting off at 125th Street.  I advised them to take a “D” train back down so they’ll end up on 6th Avenue where they can catch the “E”.  I almost want to wonder if they ever made it home.

As for our night at the bar, I wouldn’t call it being “on fire” per se, but I was able to see a few opportunities within say the last hour or so; I guess it pays to be patient and not force the issue.  Like I said earlier, I wanted to mingle a bit with some young professionals like ourselves.  I was able exchange some biz cards and Facebook addy’s, so I was happy.  And by the way, that young lady with the flower dress did indeed have a bright future behind her, haha.

A small part of me felt weird being called “Jimbo” by a white chick.  Yeah she was drunk, but I wonder about some folk’s frame of references.  Earlier this year, I was told I looked like Chris Rock…   it was six months ago and I still don’t know what to say to that other than HUH? REALLY???


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