Pain & Agony vs Fat & Happy – Part Two

Posted: September 21, 2011 by sirdiggy in Uncategorized

A little over two weeks ago, I wrote a post about finally facing the fact that I should lose a few pounds.  As I’m writing this, my t-shirt is fairly soaked with sweat while I’m at work.  Why? Because instead of taking two buses to get to work, I just walk to the second bus.  The first bus is only a 5-minute ride to the transfer point, so it gives me something to do to get my metabolism up in between gym sessions.  I timed myself; it’s about a 20-minute walk from my crib to the square where I catch the second bus.  Today, I looked on Google Maps to see the actual distance I’ve been walking: one-mile on the dot.  Sweet! I’m walking a mile a day, four to five days a week.  Give it up for ya boy…

Yesterday I had my free session with the trainer at the gym, whom took a ready of my body fat percentage and broke out all these charts and figures to colorfully illustrate what I already knew: that’s I’m a fat bastid (lol).  She actually asked me how long have I been heavy: I said since I was born, which is almost true.  I was a premie, so they stuck my ass in an incubator for two weeks.  According to my parents, it was like watching a turkey being roasted in an oven – I was rotated and I think basted even.  Point being, I was small when I was born but I plumped up in the oven…err incubator, and I been plump ever since.  Oh, and there was college, where bad eating habits turned the Freshman Fifteen into the Sophomore Twenty – but that’s just a side-note.

So she put me through a sample training regimen in which I did push ups, did twists with a medicine ball, and worked with upper body weight machines.  I was surprised I could still do 10 push ups – but not much more after that.*  I got winded fairly quick, but that’s to be expected.  Then at the end, the trainer naturally tried to get me to sign up for a monthly plan with her.  Naturally, I didn’t have the money to commit – but even if I did have the money I still would not have signed up at that point, given that I just started the gym membership.  I think they missed the part about me saying I wanted to take “baby steps”.

To wrap this up, my goal is to go from “fat & happy” to “a-little-less-fat & happy” to even “not-as-fat-as-before & happy”.  Try to cut my calorie intake a bit while increasing calorie usage/burning a bit.  I actually turned down my mother’s offer to drive her car to work so I can walk (although part of the truth was I didn’t feel like paying $5 for parking).  But the funny thing is, I actually wanted – no, preferred – to walk.  I feel like the change has already begun.

  1. chuckspears says:

    Good fo ror man. Baby steps are a good step in the right direction.

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