Pain & Agony vs. Fat & Happy

Posted: September 5, 2011 by sirdiggy in life
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As I’m writing this, my left shoulder is killing me.  I slept on it wrong Friday night, and I was fucked up all day Saturday.  What’s worse was, well, I felt worse waking up today.  Almost had to call off from work and church on a day where my youngest sis was receiving a gift from the church for going to college.  Did I mention my nephews were visiting this weekend, and that I was on uncle duty Saturday afternoon while Mom was out shopping?  Your boy played through the pain sort-of-speak.  I can only pray I feel at least 50% better tomorrow when I wake up… or I can pray to at least wake up without feeling like someone is trying to pull out my collarbone.  Ouch, dammit!

At least my feet are getting better.  Even since seeing the podiatrist over these past two weeks, I don’t wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve walked a marathon or something.  The pain inside my arches have receded, and I can stay on my feet a bit without them flaring up.  This is what I get for rocking flat-heeled shoes last year at work?  They felt so soft in the department store when I tried them on, in contrast to walking on hospital floors where the doc said can be very hard.  Man, I got got.

As I’m clearly facing my mid-30’s, I’m told that these lil aches and pains tend to pop up now and then.  The podiatrist thinks my weight may contribute to my feet aches, and plantar faciitis – what he diagnosed me with – says some about high body mass contributing to it.  I guess the point is, I’ve painfully (pun intended) come to the conclusion that I need to start losing a few pounds.

This is not an easy decision for me; I’ve been sleeping on it for a few months.  For the majority of my life, I’ve been what you might call “fat ‘n’ happy”.  I don’t look obese or anything – in fact, thanks recently to Rick Ross, a fat well-groomed and dressed dude (with a beard) can have a lil swag and get play from the ladies these days.  Before him, you had the late Gerald Levert (RIP), but he was on the smooth R & B tip, whereas Ricky Rosé appeals to the hip hop crowd*.  Even as a kid, while I was teased about a lot about a lot of things, my weight wasn’t something that came up that often.  I guess I just wear it well; recently a female coworker said my belly “looks good on me”.  But secretly, I’ve always felt that if I reached a certain weight I’d say “OK this is enough”.  I think being close to those numbers plus my recent aches means it’s time.  Moms told me there’s a gym nearby for $20 a month, which thankfully I can spare (barely).  My plan is to still be “fat ‘n’ happy”, but a little less fat, like 10 to 15 pounds less.  Think I can reach that goal?  It starts this week.

*Of course, there were other prominent (and better) rappers that came before Ross who were big men.  The biggest – in stature – was of course the Notorious B.I.G.  But Biggie’s appeal was never in his physical looks, and he even admitted so in One More Chance (remix):  “…heart-throb never, Black and ugly as ever.”  Note in the beginning of the video you have the original Overweight Lover, Heavy D, playing front-door duty for that house party.

  1. chuckspears says:

    Are blood pressure and cholesterol factors you keep in mind. No to sound like mom dukes, eat more green veggies and less salty foods. Walk or jog at a local park, or just around your block for no less than 1/2 an hour a day. Doctors really don’t tell me anything on check ups, and your body tell me things all the time. Listen to your body man, if it needs a little less mass, lose it.

    We need you here for a while my dude.

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