Player’s Fall – New Verse

Posted: September 3, 2011 by chuckspears in Art, life, Music

Diggy can attest to this, it’s mostly a true story.
Just getting my Rap narrative skills up to Slick Rick Levels.

Peep how I make moves usually a smart guy
But can’t see it when shorties wanna make sparks fly
My dude threw a party promoted it upscale
Crashed it like launchpad mcquack in ducktales (ha)
Had on slacks and hard bottoms button up shirt
Talking business with Sir Diggy puttin in work
We was standing by a nice pair of legs in a mini-skirt
I’m just doin me suddenly she begin to flirt
Said she worried I would shake it and make her drink fall
Might as well had blew a kiss along with a wink y’all
Talking slick about 5 feet tall and thick
Make a married man call his wife and call it quits
Yeah I rap but I ain’t on that baller shit
She acted like I had a feather in my hat and walking stick
Touchin on my arm saying I felt strong
I kept it casual she like what the hell’s wrong
She gave me more rhythm than tamborines
She had an apple bottom and a set of tangerines
Little red corvette with a full tank of gasoline
She was ready to go moved like a dancing queen
Word to Abba, should have been the one to grab her
Had me like the one-eyed monster in yo gabba gabba
She was down for whatever had me under pressure
But i didn’t see it like mary-anne and the professor

  1. sirdiggy says:

    sometimes it takes a couple outings to kick the dust off and have the eye for pursuit…

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