Little known fact about Chuck Spears, he’s also A.B. Do Well. A rapper of some notoriety is some very, very small circles.
Here are a few “fan” videos made on iMovie.

Sub-Conscious ft. A.B. Do Well

Sometimes you just have to wild the fuck out, to let people know that you can, like, at any minute get all up in their shit and ruin their day. Sometimes you even give a little history lesson while you’re at it. Sight Beyond Light emcees drop science even when they’re busting your snot box open. Like Redman said, “If you gotta be a monkey, be a gorilla.”

Metroid Rime
A.B. Do Well

Another little known fact, A.B. Do Well played way too many video games as a kid. Metroid was one of the games that took for ever to beat. And there weren’t really any convenient save spots. You had to go all the way back to your ship to save, and you had to type in a password and all that other ridiculous shit. Anyways, Production by Rack Mount of Three Stripe Buddy. Low Tech Family in the building.


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