Mean Irene Created Quite a Scene.

Posted: August 28, 2011 by chuckspears in life
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I stepped out side after I heard the wind die down.
This is what I saw.
Right out my door, my neighbor's car
Don’t worry, that’s my neighbor’s car.
Also the windows aren’t even broken. It’s just in a big tree branch in the middle of the damn street.

another angle
Eh, could be worse.

just up the block
Another one, just down the block.

Look another one, a little further down the block.
You Shall not pass here…if you’re driving.

I said stop M*&#%R F@#$#R
Apparently Mother Nature takes traffic laws seriously ’round these parts.

This was only walking on my street with out turning any corners. But I looked down a few side streets. Clean up’s gonna be a bitch. Thanks Irene.


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