Weighing in on the UMiami Football Scandal

Posted: August 21, 2011 by sirdiggy in sports
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OK… so my coworker and I are at work Thursday watching SportsCenter on ESPN (during down time, of course) and they’re doing a piece on the latest college football scandal: in particular, a former booster named Nevin Shapiro claims that from 2002-2010, he was breaking off University of Miami football players with cash and all sorts of good shit.  If you’re into college football, this should NOT surprise you at all.  There’s even talk that the NCAA may go after the school with the feared “Death Penalty” which killed SMU’s football program in the late 80’s.  While all that is serious ‘n all, I’m not shocked.  What I did find shocking, however, were the comments made by Luke Campbell, AKA Uncle Luke, AKA Father of Booty Music, AKA Free Speech activist, AKA Pioneer of Blending Hip Hop w/the Strip Club. Check out this video from the 7-minute mark, then play close attention to what he says around the 7:53 mark.  He compares the local shock of U Miami football getting shut down to 9/11…


9/11???   WHAT THE FUCK?!?

With all due respect, are you fucking serious???

Look, I understand he is Miami through-and-through. His mark and impact on hip-hop can never be taken away from him (along with 2Live Crew for that matter).  He has been a community icon and a staunch “supporter” of U Miami football.  He even ran for mayor earlier this year.  But seriously, comparing the shock of losing a college football program (albeit a powerful one) to the shock of a terrorist attack that killed over 2,700 in New York alone???  No fucking way!!

Am I being a tad bit sensitive about this?  I’m a New Yorker; I was in Queens at my ex’s crib when the planes hit.  My pops, now retired in living in Florida, was a FDNY fire marshal chief at the time and got called down to the World Trade towers when the planes crashed into them – which means he was down there when the buildings crashed – which makes him a 9/11 survivor.  With all that said, I laughed my ass off at that Family Guy scene where Lois ran for mayor.  So my sensitivity isn’t without reason or limit.  I just don’t believe Luke needed to go there to describe the potential effect of a temporary shut down of one of America’s most prominent (and historically dirty) collegiate football programs.  His comments and descriptions of the importance of U Miami football to the city were poignant enough without the need to overstep things.

One last thing: if the NCAA does indeed impose strict and harsh penalties on the University of Miami, they should really punish themselves too.  For Miami is just one of many examples of the major problems plaguing the NCAA and its “big boy” member schools.  ESPN is currently airing segments from its Outside The Lines Panel for “Change for College Football which discusses such problems.  Call me skeptic, but I don’t think there will be any wholesale changes to the NCAA anytime soon.  Someone once told me that “tradition” is sometimes used as code for racism, especially in the South, because people like to continue something “the way it has always been done” (racist/segregationist) versus change (desegregation/open-minded).  For the NCAA, it seems many of their big schools are too into their “traditions” (making big bucks off the sweat of “amateur” athletes) to want to truly change (eliminating boosters and compensating student-athletes to reduce temptation of accepting illegal monies and gifts) for the better.


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