Poo Poo Platter

Posted: August 17, 2011 by sirdiggy in job, life, relationships, Women
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In baseball, August is called the Dog Days of Summer.  Well the past week-plus have been just dogged days.  My gf decided to break up with me, and on that same day I was turned down for a job I interviewed for and felt good about.  And a few days ago I found that my sis lost her job in a similar fashion to how my now ex-gf lost hers.  Individually, each occurrence by itself carries enough weight, but to have all this bullshit happen within a week’s time is just shitty, which is how I been feeling the past few days.  The breakup thing probably isn’t the worst thing that could happen; in fact, if I were merely a practical person, then I would probably feel more relieved than anything.  But tell that to my emotions – you’ll miss someone you grew to love even if they were a spoiled pain in the ass.  But I feel just as bad, if not slightly worse, for my sis losing her job.  It reminds me of a story my mother once told me years ago when she was dating my sister’s father:

She was a bank teller at the time and one Saturday she called out sick (because she actually was, you know, sick).  The manager, who was known to be a prick, actually called back to fuss with my mother about not coming in – with my mother then fussing at my sister’s dad for allowing her boss to talk to her.  So my sister’s father, who I always thought of a man’s man despite his small frame, immediately got dressed and visited my mother’s job.  He demanded to see her boss, then proceeded to intimidate him by yoking him up and tossing him around like a rag doll, all while reading the manager the riot act for calling and harassing my mom while she was sick.  And when the manager threatened to call the police, my sister’s pops took a phone and slammed it down at the feet of the manager, baiting and daring the manager to call (for the manager surely would have gotten fucked up by time the cops came).  My sister’s dad became a folk hero at that bank, and Mom said that manager never even said two words to her for the duration of her employment.

I bring that story up because I wish I could’ve done for my ex and especially my sister what my sister’s father once did for my mom.  But alas, we live in a security-sensitive year 2011, not the late 1980’s, and even back at that time, Mom said she doesn’t know how my sister’s dad walked out of that bank without getting arrested.  Besides, with my luck I probably wouldn’t be able to grab someone and shake them senseless before police show up.  And with cell phones, even if you cornered the manager(s) and cut them off from a phone, someone’s gonna play snitch and call 911 n shit.  And nowadays muthafuckas wanna sue you as soon as they think you gonna take a swing at that ass.  The days of taking and giving a simple ass-kicking are over – people do all sorts of shady shit but don’t understand what it means to man-up when you get called out on it.  Folks wanna hide behind too much now: hide behind a gun, hide behind police, hide behind security, hide behind lawyers, hide behind a desk inside of an office, hide behind a position of power, hide behind a computer screen.

I guess that’s why this post is entitled Poo Poo Platter; it ended up become a sample of dissent and discontent with a small story about being a hero and revolting against workforce oppression thrown in.  And besides, how many of us wish we could do what my sister’s father did… and get away with it they way he did?  Is that the point?  To be able to go up to your boss or boss’s boss or whomever the wrongdoer/conniver/source-of-bitchassedness  is at your job, shake him around and get him or her to do the right thing without fear of getting fired or arrested?*

*If you’re a man, I do not advocate shaking up or tossing around your boss if she’s a woman.  But for my family, I will whoop a bitch’ ass if it came to it.  There, I said it.


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