Late night tweets, #onebaratatime

Posted: August 10, 2011 by chuckspears in Humor, Music

I was on a long ride home and got busy on my twitternomics.
I figured that 140 characters were about enough for a standard bar in a rap song. So, I started tweeting one bar at a time. See them here on twitter: #onebaratatime

Me with a bald head and goatie lookin like a black ming the merciless
sickness contagious got you on some dot dot circle shiiit
You in a dark cabin with no cell service I’m creepin up all murdeous
obituary journalist notes how you brains splattered across thw wall surfaces
put on some headphones see how mind blowin my vesres is
If this one’s indicitive observe with concern like Copirnicus
Straight heat to ya grill, like i pressed you up on furnaces
No more Mr. Niceguy, Chuck Spears gone Bezerkowitz
Come across me one a bad day make sure all ya dreams turn to shiiit
Nightmare maker see ya Granny on the strip turning tricks
Younging drippin drool down they chin mofos gotta learn to spit
Don’t eeven use my lines to practice son ya guarnteed to burn ya lips


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