Unleashing the Id.

Posted: July 15, 2011 by chuckspears in Uncategorized

A little but about Chuck. Chuck Spears ain’t my given name.

It’s my taken name and right now I’m takin aim.

Not a mother f**ker out here trying to make it rain.

But put money over bichez all day flying paper planes

Eat mangoes and cherries so a chick  can get flavored brains

She takin every drop don’t gotta think about labor pains

Lil Bastards ain’t mine another dude gotta take the blame

Players gonna play give a f*ck if you hate the game


Yeah. Raps. Anyhow, I’m considering letting my Ego and Super-Ego take a vacation this summer so my Id can have some fun this summer. I grew up in a pretty strict household and obeyed the rules for a very long time. But now, even if it’s just angry rants and raps and even a combination of the two, the dark side is upon us. Chuck Spears, is the uninhibited side. The Mr. Hyde, the guy offering your chick a mustache ride.

I may be doing more rambling than ranting right now, but my mind being in transition is hard to organize. You’ll be hearing more from me and Sir Diggy.

Most of it won’t be nice.

Until Then….This is Chuck Spears.

Stop Trying to Play Me, it won’t end well for you.

  1. […] nostalgic and looked through my old rhymes on my old blog, Stop Trying To Play Me and came across this post. I decided those lyrics needed to be punched up and laid down on a track. . I’ve been meaning […]

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