Tasteless fictional website names

Posted: July 14, 2011 by sirdiggy in Uncategorized
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I’ve always wanted to create a running list of (hopefully) fictional websites that would probably upset somebody if they really existed.  And no, I will not go through the trouble of googling every website name to test its fiction-ness.  But feel free to do so on our behalf and get back to us if one of these actually exists.

iketurnerismyidol.coma site for spousal abusers who feel a good slap or a jab is the best way to keep their women in line.
rodneykinghaditcoming.coma site for sympathizers of police brutality
mauryYOUarethefather.com – a site for people who make fun of Maury Povich pimping the paternal DNA test system into a 234-year show angle
stopaskingmeformoneyyoubum.comtired of people asking you for money? site gives tips on how to deter beggars, family and friends on looking to you for a handout or loan.
thatbitchcannotsing.comknow someone who swears they can sing but can’t hold a note to save their life? Put them on blast here.
stfu.com – a site dedicated to all the different ways to tell someone to shut the fuck up.
thelilbastardaintmine.coma site dedicated to fathers who refuse to claim their kid as their own despite DNA testing and the U.S. legal system stating otherwise.
deadbeatdads.com (oh wait this IS a real site)
yourmomisgay.coma place to put stupid mothers, or exceedingly corny mothers, on blast.
bitchgetajob.com – tired of your woman (or man) sponging off your hard-earned paycheck? Time to tell ’em they gotta start paying what they fucking weigh.
golddiggersunited.coma support group for women who believe their pussy so good they should never have to pay for anything in life.
slapmybitchup.comsee “iketurnerismyidol.com”
americastopfuckingmeintheass.comtired of feeling like The Man keeps bending you over with no Vaseline time and time again?  Has the current recession forced you to find work that’s well beneath your abilities and worth?  Does your job demand the dedication of a $50,000/yr position but you’re only making $10-$12 per hour? Voice your dissent here.
mybossisadumbass.coma site for people to anonymously put their shitty, retarded bosses on blast.  Stories, rants, even pics of the dummy if posters are feeling ballsy.
assholesunited.coma place for people to freely admit that they are jerks and assholes, and to support others in being comfortable within their own asshole-ness.
illslapdashitoutyou.com – post stories about people whose ass you’d like to kick or have kicked.  Contains a craigslist-style classified ads posting of targets/people who have been designated for beat-down and the reward for each bounty.
integrationisforlosers.com – a site for those who opine that integration ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, or who don’t want their pure darling lil kid to socialize and mix with other nationalities for fear of becoming a grandparent to an interracial impure baby.
longlivethekkk.coma site for white power extremists to bond and revel in racist, white-supremacist “values”.  Also includes dating/matchmaking profiles.
whitepeoplesmelllikedogs.com A site for Blacks and any other minority person who swear they could never date or have sex with a white person no matter how hot one might be.
stopstealingmyjobyoumexican.com – A site for misguided Mid-westerners and Bible-Belters who really believe hard-working immigrants are the cause of lack of job availability in any type of factory/production/construction field.  Like they’re the blame for being exploited by businesses who look to employ them instead of shelling out legitimate wages for hard-working Americans looking to provide for themselves and their families
charliesheenismyidol.com – A site for those who live strictly for the fast life of excess liquor, excess partying and fast whorish women while ignoring many responsible behaviors and normal family values.
homothugsaresexy.com A site for… fuck it I can’t do a description for this one.  Figure it out.
mybitchisbroke.com – a site for male chauvinists to complain about how their woman “isn’t taking care of them”
sellingdrugsfordummies.coma watered down version of the 10 Crack Commandments.
unibrows.com – got a pic of some poor sap with a unibrow? Post it here.
daddyiwantablackman.com – site for white women who’ve always wanted to indulge in dating a black man but haven’t for fear of retaliation from their secretly racist parents/father.
whythefuckdoeswilliamhunghaveafanclub.comthe epitome of someone being famous (and able to make money) for all the absolutely wrong reasons.  A site for people who are frustrated at the fact dignity and self-respect are for sale in this country.
americanidolhasruinedthemusicbiz.comTrying to break into the music biz is extremely difficult enough, but some may feel this show (and others of its ilk) are pimping the system a little too hard just to cop TV ratings.  Guest columnists will include people who’ve actually participated in their city/state/region’s audition for American Idol.
irootedforivandrago.comdedicated to anti-American (and other psychologically twisted) folk who watch Rocky 4 over and over just to see Ivan Drago kill Apollo Creed.  You can hear them cheering him on:  “Work the body… yes, yes… now BREAK HIS FACE AND KILL THE AMERICAN! KILL HEEEEM!!!”
  1. chuckspears says:

    That’s quite a list you got there. Questionable at times, but I’m a fan of, “That Lil Bastard Ain’t Mine.”

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